Chauffeured cars over taxis/rideshare- A good idea

Star City Chauffeurs have been offering chauffeured car services since its incorporation in 2014 in Melbourne. With each passing day, the area of our operations has grown from Victoria to almost all major Australian Capital cities.

All of this, when we live in a world where we have strict competition, with deregulation of the taxi and booked services industry and rideshare companies in the scenario.

Initially, when the rideshare companies entered the market, they captured a good market share. This happened as human psychology is always looking for something new and different. Some users had a great experience but for others, it was a nightmare.

Chauffeured cars are always a win-win situation and better alternate to taxis or rideshare companies. Why?

Reliability and punctuality(as services are prebooked)

Chauffeured car services have always been known for their reliability and punctuality. This happens as the services are pre-booked, guaranteeing a professional driver will arrive with his chauffeured car mostly 10 mins before the booking time. Whether it is an airport transfer, a leisure winery trip, or a corporate function transfer, chauffeured cars always exceed customer expectations from the very first minute, by being punctual. This creates a sense of reliability.

Affordability/ Fixed prices
Chauffeured cars are always considered to be expensive by the majority of the people. The prices for most of the chauffeured car services are fixed and pre-determined. Customers are not exposed to the risk of peak hour rideshare surge pricing, traffic situations, or detours. Those, using chauffeured car services can vouch for the fact that it is a more time-savvy and cost-effective way of traveling.

Getting into a car with someone you do not know is always risky. Taxis have a bit of security in terms of mandatory safety cameras, but most rideshare services do not have car security cameras, and this risk will only be compounded by the extremely lax inspection process of ridesharing services. Using these apps, you never know how much experience (or lack of experience) the driver has, and there is no guarantee that they will be safe and cautious drivers. On the other hand, professional chauffeurs have gone through a rigorous screening process to determine their ability to drive and typically have many years of experience in the industry, which means you can trust them to get you safely to your destination.

Luxurious and comfortable cars
Choosing a luxury driver service allows you to experience luxury cars, accessories, and services that you will not find anywhere else. All our vehicles are selected for style, comfort, and safety to provide the best service every time you travel. Our luxury cars include premium brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Lexus, which not only provide as much comfort as possible but also have great appeal.

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